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Static Website

Static websites are the most inexpensive websites we offer. They are perfect for advertising your location, phone number or professional services. Create a virtual C.V./resume or advertise an upcoming event. Static websites can be landing pages or one time promotions sites.

A few images and a couple paragraphs can be enough to create as simple static site. The image below is the form you will required to fill out if you request a static website to be made with us. You can read more about the type of information included in static website below.

Pages / Features

  • About Us Page This is optional. You can use this page to write about your business. The words will help with your SEO. Make sure that your about us content has a good headline. You also should include a picture or two. You can submit Word Document, PDFs or just copy and paste into the project message board.
  • Portfolio This is optional. If the nature of your business produces work you can showcase, consider building a portfolio to show your best work. Make sure to have pictures and descriptions ready for our team to make your website with.
  • Contact Us We encourage everyone to have this page in their websites. This is the only form that a Static Website will have. It takes an E-mail, subject and a message. We deliver that message to your business E-mail. The form is protected with Google ReCaptcha to make sure you only receive legit messages.
  • Slide Show This is optional. If you are a photographer or you have tons of pictures to put on your website, consider a slide show. We offer a simple yet powerful slide show built with Javascript & CSS. Search Engines often look at pictures and alternative titles to classify your website as relevant, therefore you should rename all of your pictures with a description name-separated-by-hyphens.
  • Virtual Menus & Service Listings This is optional. Restaurants can take adavantage of this page to set up their menu online. We can put pictures and descriptions of your dishes. This is a read only version of your menu. If you need to sell online please request an E-commerce website instead. Other small business could take advantage of this page to write about their services and their prices.
  • Product Listings & Services Listings This is optional. Liquor Stores can take advantage of this featured to set up a minimalistic inventory online. Even thought it will be a read only inventory, users could search your different products online before visiting your store. We can build a type of read-only online inventory. If you need to sell your products online, look into obtaining an E-commerce website instead. If your inventory changes frequently, please look into requesting a Dynamic webiste instead.
  • File Download this is optional. In your business practice you may have the need to make your clients fill out a form. Doctors, lawyers and other professional could take advantage of this page. Whether is a hiring form or a health insurance form, we can make it easier for your customers to find these documents online and download them directly into their devices. We accept PDFs and Docx extensions. Please limit the amount of files you need to make available, otherwise please look into requesting a dynamic website for a more robust and powerful file sharing application.
  • Raw content We offer up to 20 pages worth of content. Make sure to have written content and pictures for all the pages you are looking to host. We do not offer content creation, we only optimize submitted content for SEO purpose (with SEO services purchase only).

Homepage & Request

At the bottom of the static website form, you will find a big text area. Use this space to describe you vision and how you want your homepage to be designed. The more detail you provide, the better the website we can produce for you. Clearly express your idea and requests. Wheter the project is quoted or rejected relies heavly on how well your idea is explained.