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Dynamic Website

Dynamic websites are interactive in nature. The big difference between static websites and dynamic websites is a connection to a database. A database allows your website to keep a record of information. This ability to store information comes in handy to create User Account and Sign In components. An example of a dynamic site could be a blog where you can create, view, edit and delete articles. If you are looking to constantly update your site, this is the website for you.

Dynamic sites open a huge door of opportunity to expand your marketing efforts. Start building your client E-mail list and bulk send your marketing campaigns by E-mail. Collect information using Polls or survey your customers after a visit to your business. You can build online job applications or set up virtual appointments on your website. Social media sites are examples of very complex dynamic sites.


  • E-mail collection

    Nothing brings more value to your business that your own audience. We offer a way to collect E-mails from your visitors and to build you your own E-mail list. The E-mail collection form comes with Google ReCaptcha to prevent robots from signing up for your E-mail List. We build a robust unsubscribe system so that you are in compliance with the law and give users a way to unsubscribe. This will help you maintain a positive mail sending reputation.

  • Polls

    Asking questions to the people visiting your website can help you understand the direction your business must take. We collect, store and let you review all of this data in your CMS(Content Management System), if you have one. Please have some questions ready and written down for our team to set up your poll questions. If you will be updating these polls often, please make sure to let us know.

  • Files

    Static websites allows you to host a few files for download. However, if you are an office that constantly needs to allow people to get a hold of their files, we can help you make the process automatic by making your customers download them from the cloud.

  • Gallery

    Pictures are what people tend to click more often. Static website offers you a slide show option for you to put some pictures on the web. However, if you are looking to regularly update your website with new pictures, we suggest you use a gallery. You can upload new pictures and deleted old pictures from your CMS, if you purchased one.
  • Comments

    If you have requested for user accounts to be created, this will be a perfect feature to add to your blog or other content providing platforms. Comments will keep your users engaged with your site and generate lots of keywords for your SEO strategy. It is important to note that if you ask for a comment section, you must often keep an eye on it for approval and deletion of comments.
  • Office

    We often encounter office tasks that seem repetitive. Some examples of the things we can help you with include but are not limited to: making a customer fill out a form, collecting someone’s contact information, and keeping track of appointments or store credit.
  • Blog

    It is one of the more well known types of websites out there. The blog is an important tool that a website can take advantage of. Whether you are looking to write down the news of your business or if you want your whole website to be a blog, we are the right choice for you. We can build you a customized blog or install your favorite platform in our servers.
  • Alerts/phone messages

    We work with other tech companies to allow you to send mobile messages as notifications for your website. If you are looking for a more customized experience for your customer, consider having this handy tool in your site. Messages are automatically generated.
  • Booking System/Virtual Appointments

    Law offices, clinics and small hospitals can benefit from a robust virtual appointments portal. It is a great way to keep client or patient records. Please have your current forms ready so we can build virtual versions of them. We can build an E-mail alert system so none of your clients miss their appointments. If you are looking to charge for the appointments online, please look into getting an E-commerce site instead.
  • Inventory

    Having an inventory will help your customers search your store from the comfort of their homes. Sometimes, people can't sell online, but still have inventory at hand. For those business owners we build customized read-only virtual inventories. Here you users can browse, search and compare your goods. We can even set up local pick ups. If you are looking to process purchases, try getting an E-commerce website instead.
  • Document Generator

    Some industries, like the warehousing industry & third party logistics, have information that need to be made available online. We can build tools to send shippings reports, receiving reports, inventory reports, etc to your clients. We can also build online dashboards where your clients can access this data in real life. Get cutting edge technology that will set you apart from your competition.

Website Description

At the beginning of this form, you will get a text area for you to express your idea.Please take the time to write down in detail what your site is all about. The more detail you give us the better we can serve you. A clear description of your site can save you money. If you tell us exactly what you need, we will look to deliver your site on budget. Database applications can go high in price quickly just by adding some features.


One of the biggest advantages in dynamic websites is the ability to create user interfaces, user accounts and a sign up system. Our sign in pages are all protected with encryption to keep users that log into your website safe. This add-on comes with password reset via E-mail notification. It also comes with a register form and a log-in form. You are allowed to customize the register form to request additional information from people signing up with you.

Content Management System (C.M.S.)

If you are looking to maintain your own site, you should get a fully customized CMS. Using the same accounts system, explained above, we can set up a secure admin area for you. From this admin panel you will be able to update all relevant information of your site. We hard code all of our websites, so your content management system will always be simple to use. Other popular CMS often have a bigger learning curve and often change to meet the needs of many. We strive for all of our admin panels to be mobile friendly so you can manage your site on the go. If you have any desired tools to be crafted into your CMS, please provide details on your website description explained above.