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E-commerce Website

E-commerce websites are for those businesses that wish to sell their products online. E-commerce sites are some of the most profitable websites one can obtain. We work with you to build your virtual store. While requesting your online store, there are some questions you should keep in mind. Do you have a Point Of Sale (POS) system? Do you have pictures for your goods and products? Do you have descriptions for your products? Do you have prices ready for your products? We can build an online inventory system customized to your industry if you do not have a POS system. Please note that you POS system may not be open for us to connect from the cloud, please contact your existing POS system provider for information.

A Point Of Sale system is needed if you plan to sell both online and in a store front. The POS system will help sync your inventory with your online sales. However, you can overlook the need of a POS system, if you are looking to ship directly from warehouse/storage.

Our websites are protected with Secure Socket Lawyer (SSL) encryption. All payments are in PCI compliance as well and 100% secured. Our payment processor is Stripe, you can read more about stripe by clicking here.

Type of Goods

There are different types of goods you can sell online.

  • Physical Merchandise/Products: If you are looking to ship your goods, this option is for you.
  • Services: If you are a professional looking to book paid services online, this is the option for you.
  • Downloadable: Books, movies, videos, images and music are some examples of virtual goods that can be downloaded when purchased.
  • Membership: SasS (Software as Service): Applications with the ability to collect payments.

Inventory Size

Please have the amount of inventory you will be working with readily available. Provide a valid integer number.

Inventory System

Please provide the type of system you have to keep track of your inventory. Whether you use pen and paper or a robust POS, please let us know the name of the system/software that you are currently using. Please have a name or a link to your POS system, if you have one.

Store Location

Do you have a storefront where people can visit you directly or are you planning to ship from a warehouse location? Please have ready the address you will be shipping from, we will eventually be asking for it to configure shipping and other settings.


If you are looking to ship your goods to your customers, please tell us your shipping range. Shipping local means shipping within your state. National means shipping within your state. Internationally means shipping to other country. Please note that due to EU GDPR laws, prices will considerably increase for websites wanting to serve EU citizens.

Images and Descriptions

No one knows your product like you do. Please have images and descriptions of all of your inventory before starting your website. Once you accept the quote, you will be able to submit Word Documents and PDFs. We advise you to save your descriptions in those file formats. We use Dropbox and Google drive for collecting images.

Store Details

While filling out the form use the text area to describe in as much detail as possible the type of online store you want. Please have a name for your store ready. There are many things to consider before filling out the form. What the name of your online store will be? Are you looking to sell on other websites like Etsy or Amazon? Will there be more than one picture per item? Do you have descriptions for your products and services? What is the price range of your products? Feel free to give us as much detail as you can.