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Different Types of Websites

At VirtualizedStores we believe that we should use technology to aid us in bringing a magnificent product to people. Every website we create is custom coded, striving to create truly unique sites for every one of our clients. Let us worry about servers, code, design and technical maintenance, while you focus on creating amazing content.

Technology gets ever more complicated every day. We believe in dividing the technical aspects of website development to let you, the owner, focus on the real important tasks of running your business. We can upload your pictures and keep your submitted content SEO friendly. We will bring cutting edge technology updates when you sign up for our maintenance services.

We offer four different type of websites: Static Websites, Dynamic Websites, E-commerce websites and Enterprise Websites. Every website is mobile friendly and SEO ready. We are here to satisfy your needs and we can offer as much assistance as needed to keep your website running orderly.

The second and third steps are designed to obtain key information that will help us develop a great website for you. The second step form will vary depending on the type of website you need. Use the links at the bottom of the page for more details on those forms. The third form collects information about your color preference, SEO, social media, email setup, industry name, etc. Please go to How to Start planning for your website for more information on these topics.

Descriptions for the different types of website you can purchase at

Static Websites

Static websites are great for people who have limited amount of content to publish. This type of website will be great as an online business card. Perfect for professionals who wish to put up address & phones up on the cloud. Landing pages for events, concerts, books, weddings and other special occasions will benefit from a simple and mobile friendly static website.

E-commerce Websites

E-commerce websites are for businesses interested in selling products, services and non-physical goods. Our E-commerce sites are uniquely developed to fit your specific needs. While there are many out of the box solutions out there, you will be obtaining a team to help you run your business with We process payments with Stripe. All of our sites are protected with Secured Socket Layer (SSL) provided by Let's Encrypt. We can also install your own ssl provider if you are not happy with Let's Encrypt.

Dynamic Websites
Dynamic websites often require a connection to a database. Whether you have your own old database or you are looking to start one, we are the right team for you. Databases are handy for storing, viewing, updating and deleting data. You can easily store customer information, appointments, blogs, pictures, audios, videos, legal documents, etc. We will build a total custom interface for your needs. Dynamic website can be as simple as small blog or as big as Wikipedia. Websites like these are great for ad revenue and sponsors.
Enterprise Websites
Are you looking for a team to help make your tech dream come true? We might be the right team for you. We understand that some ideas might be too big, but if you have the passion, why not create the new Facebook? We will only take on Enterprise projects that we feel we can deliver an excellent result. We understand that not everyone has the economic means to pay for these types of software, so we will also offer our services for equity in the start-up. However, that will only be offered to projects we feel are in line with our values.