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How to start creating your website. believes that a websites is more than a fancy virtual business card. We encourage our customers to think carefully on their website strategy before starting the process to sign up with us.

At we believe that our customers should focus on producing good quality content while we worry about the servers, coding and maintenance of your websites.

It is important you have a clear purpose for your website. Take the time to sit down and write down what is your idea all about. No one understand your project better than you, so how fast your site gets completed will depend heavily on your ability to submit unique content.

Project Checklist

  1. The vision Everything starts with an idea. We encourage you to write down, in as much detail as possible, your expectations are for this project. Whether it is to produce income or to share your content, you must have a clear vision for your website.
  2. Website Name Please choose a website name that best describes your goal. We want search engines to be able to identify what your website is all about from the site's name.
  3. Website Domain Website domain is a unique name that users will use to reach your websites. Domains often end with .com, .net, or .org. Choose what best fits your organization. It is optimal that your website name and domain name to be the same. However, due to unavailability, you may have to use an abbreviated name or an alias. It is important for SEO purposes that the domain is descriptive of the site content. Visit to check if the domain you have in mind is available.
  4. Industry Name Consider the industry your website might be part of. This can help our team research tools and trends that will help you compete on the web.
  5. Logo The logo is a symbol that will represent your brand. You will want to have a logo designed or be ready to pay for a design. Some people prefer to use website name as their brand & logo. Design prices may vary based on your requirements. Please write down an idea on how you want your logo to look.
  6. Google Analytics We install Google Analytics with every website we create. Google Analytics is a snippet of Javascript code that records the amount of people that come to your website and where they seem to be coming from. This information is valuable to successfully organized online marketing campaigns. Google Analytics presents this handy information in their online dashboard. Consider taking the time to learn more about Google Analytics. If you need help handling SEO and Marketing, make sure to purchase SEO services with us. We will take care of designing the best content/marketing strategy.
  7. E-mail You need to have an E-mail where we can send messages from the site. It is important for you to check this E-mail regularly. Reply to every user that messages through your website so that your reputation grows. We recommend for you to invest into setting up a customized E-mail for your website: We recommend to use Google Apps for Businesses to host your professional E-mail. That being said, any regular gmail, yahoo, microsoft email would work!
  8. SEO SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is what will make your website successful. At the center of SEO we have content. Images and written content will help your site more than anything else. While thinking about your website, make sure to think of content that you can update regularly. As you add more and more new content your website will fill with keywords that will put you into many more search results. While you concentrate on the uniquness of your pictures and text, we will take care of all the technical details of SEO. SEO is vital for your website. If you do not have the time to plan and execute an online marketing strategy, consider our monthly maintenance services.
  9. Colors We allow our customers to pick three different colors. Here is a tool that allows you to mix colors that will be pleasing to the eye when put together.
  10. Social Media Profiles Social Media is a great way to spread the word about your new website. Facebook pages, twitter account, instagram account & youtube accounts are recommended for new websites These social media accounts will play an important roll in your online Marketing. It is very easy to set up these profiles, please have links to your accounts ready. We can set up these accounts for you as well, if you choose not to do it yourself.

The first step in creating a website with us by providing a name for your site, a desired Domain Name and picking up the type of website you want.

The links below will help you with filling out the forms.